Turns Out Even Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Know Why She’s Famous

Watch a toddler named Sid break down the robust mold that holds the Kardashian Krew together.

Turns Out Even Kim Kardashian Doesn't Know Why She's Famous

by Jess Commons |
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Kim Kardashian is either wildly modest, or wildly under-informed.

See the other day, she hung out with a kid called Sid. Sid's got it going on. Sid knows what's up. Sid is all of us.

Sid, like many of us, was intrigued as to why Kim was on the front of so many magazines. 'Why are you on magazines?' He asked Kim.

'Am I?' She responded. Seemingly unaware of the at least 30 magazine covers she's graced via photoshoots and the thousands more tabloids she's been featured on thanks to the work of the humble paparazzi.

'Because I like magazines.' She said.

Mate. I like magazines. I like magazines so much I even worked in magazines for five years. And I never appeared on the front cover. Except one time when Grazia took a picture of me reading 50 Shades of Grey in the park behind work and a teeny tiny thumbnail image was on the front cover.

Sid the Vicious was not done with his version of the Spanish Inquistition though. 'Are you famous?' He pressed Kim with an implied innocence that would put even Louis Theroux to shame.

I don't know.' Said Kim who clearly forgot that she isn't actually member of Hear'Say wondering if they're still considered to be a 'public figure' in 2016 and is in fact the most famous woman in the world. 'I don't like to use that term.' She said.

Sid though, was relentless. Sid is going to be the next John Humphrys. Sid is one day going to make a politician crack and cry under the pressure of his hardline of questioning.

'How are you famous.' He said quietly. Almost dangerously.

And that's it. He's broken her. Kim is down. Sid pushed the big red button that you are never supposed to push in the presence of the Kardashians: '*How *are you guys famous?' The answer to that question is the glue that's holding our whole society together, it's the answer to the meaning of life, it is our great white whale.

Kim, for her part, was floored. 'How am I famous?' She responded, the wires in her Kimbot 3000 casing fizzing and crackling under the pressure as she tried to work it out using all her best Kierkegaardian principles.

Eventually, she gave up. 'That's up for question too.' She said quietly.

Sid out.

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