Turns Out Cara Delevingne Doesn’t Like Being Called Carla

Model-turned-actress gives 'grumpy' interview, but we almost prefer this to an adorkably lovely one?

Turns Out Cara Delevingne Doesn't Like Being Called Carla

by Sophie Wilkinson |
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UPDATE: This is what Cara has to say about the interview

The best part of modelling (we guess) is that you don't have to talk to anyone. You turn up, have your weight analysed and pored over, get trussed into the of an outfit and then you clamber onto a rock in a bikini in February and pout between shivers to show people an approximation of glamour and fun. You can even get away with snarling, as it gives off the sort of 'don't fuck with me' vibe that's so popular among advertisers.

And the worst part of acting (we pretty much know) is having to get on the promotion circuit and talk to loads of strangers, at all hours about some work you did about eight months ago. Over and over and over again. So you can see that Cara Delevingne might be a bit wary of moving from modelling to acting. That said, at least modelling gave her the cushion of knowing what the limelight was like before taking the plunge into doing films such as Paper Towns, and it helped everyone get an idea of who the fuck she is. Right?

Wrong. Introducing 'Carla Delevingne' (like, come on, you found her* first* name the difficult one to pronounce?), as this Good Day Sacramento presenter did to Cara, showed just how little known the model is Stateside, and equally how hard she's going to have to work to get herself known over there during the promo run of Paper Towns.

That's probably why Cara gave a sarcastic interview, saying 'I hate her actually' about her character Margot, confessing that she hadn't read the book or the script: 'I kind of winged it' and looking anywhere but the camera.

Though the presenters all agree, after the abrupt end to the interview, that Cara is 'moody', maybe she was just a bit peeved that the interviewer didn't know who she was (had she been looking at Storm's books for research?) and then asked questions suggesting Cara's not as serious about acting as she is, say, eyebrows. In a world full of nicey nice actresses either coyly giggling to interviewers or playing up how adorkable they are, we totally respect Cara's professional refusal to take any bullshit. Plus, it makes for great viewing.

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