The Simpsons Warn Apocalypse If Trump Is Re-Elected

The show famously predicted Trump would become President in 2000.


by Bonnie McLaren |
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Safe to say, we're all very scared about how the results of the US election could turn out. And the creators of The Simpsons are also petrified about another four years, as they persuaded viewers not to vote for Trump in the show's latest Halloween Treehouse of Horror episode.

In the cartoon, Homer is seen undecided at the polling station, as his daughter Lisa asks: 'How could you forget everything that’s happened the last four years?' As Homer contemplates the world under Trump, 50 headlines flash onscreen, including 'called third world countries shitholes', 'called white supremacists "fine people"' 'talked about grabbing pussy' and 'put children in cages'.

But it was all a dream. Homer didn't vote - and consequently, on Inauguration Day 2021, Springfield is engulfed in an apocalypse. Oops.

It's not the first time writers have taken issue with the President - in 2017, The Simpsons released a short special called Donald Trump's First 100 Days in Office, which showed Grampa being detained by ICE agents and Trump's daughter Ivanka sworn into the Supreme Court as the new Supreme Court Justice, replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Spookily, The Simpsons even famously predicted that The Apprentice host would become the President way back in 2000, when Lisa, who becomes President, refers to 'inheriting quite a budget crunch from President Trump'. When asked by Radio 1 Newsbeat how they got it spot on, writer Al Jean said: 'With the Trump one in 2000 we were looking for a funny celebrity who would be president.'

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