So What If Trinny Woodall Had A Wardrobe Malfunction? As She Says, ‘It’s Only A Nipple’

The This Morning presenter has hit headlines for an accidental nip slip on Instagram live - the fact it's news proves how sexualised women's bodies are.

Trinny Woodall

by Bonnie McLaren |
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Trinny Woodall - half of Trinny and Susannah fame, the host of What Not To Wear, and now owner of her own eponymous beauty brand - has hit the headlines this week. She has been 'left red-faced' after a 'blunder' on Instagram. No, she wasn't caught doing anything scandalous - rather she accidentally showed her boobs while she was changing on an Instagram live, as her bra pinged off.

Whatever. Anyone who has a cleavage knows the struggle of bras, these things happen. They're not the most reliable of garments. Nip slips happen to the best of us.

You'd think it wasn't a big deal - but, by the amount of news stories on it, quite evidently the sight of a woman's nipple is news-worthy. Many articles include screenshots of the wardrobe malfunction, but with Trinny's nipple blurred out (because, remember, nipples are shocking). A genuine blunder is being used as clickbait; something that really wasn't sexual is being sexualised, probably in the hopes men click on it.

Trinny didn't even know she'd accidentally flashed, joking that the bra came off and that she thought she might have been 'about to flash'. She only noticed she did when a follower asked if the live could be edited. (You know, because nipples are so offensive!) 'EDITING TEAM!!! ACTION STATIONS!! HELP NEEDED IMMEDIATELY on this morning’s post,' one concerned follower wrote, with Trinny simply replying: 'It's only a nipple.'

Quite. It is only a nipple. And yet still, as a society, women's breasts are sexualised a ridiculous amount - something which is proved time and time again. In this case, when a wardrobe malfunction/nip slip is made into a huge story, or a woman is told not to breastfeed her child in public. But as Trinny knows, your boobs aren't something to be shamed or embarrassed about. It's only a nipple.

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