The Trailer For Brittany Murphy’s Last Film Is Unintentionally Depressing

The actress sadly passed away in 2009...


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We recently reported that Brittany Murphy would be back as her last film Something Wicked is to finally reach our cinema screens, five years after it was filmed. The movie, shot in beautiful Oregon (this looks like a major plus side to the film), is all about a young couple, Christine and James, embarking on a future life together. However, things turn sour in the form of a horrific car crash.

Brittany plays Susan, the psychologist girlfriend of the protagonist’s policeman brother, and has suspicions that there’s something weird going on with Christine after the accident. However, it seems like there’s something more sinister behind her apparent concern. There’s also someone going around pushing people into pools and frightening them with trains and cars and a very creepy person in a mask.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite the legacy we would have wanted for Brittany, but that’s why we’re happily revisiting Clueless, Girl, Interrupted and Drop Dead Gorgeous on a regular basis. Oh, and Riding in Cars With Boys. And Sin City. And Just Married, and Don’t Say A Word. And Cherry Falls. And 8 Mile. Fuck, we miss Brittany so much.

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