10 Years On, A Look Back At TOWIE’s Most Iconic Moments

'You ain't ever gonna get this candy.'


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Ever since The Only Way Is Essex, otherwise known as TOWIE, burst onto our screens in 2010, it's success has grown immensely, with the show going through nearly 100 cast members, so many storylines and even generating around £1 billion for the Essex high-street (yes, really).

The drama, glitz and vajazzles caught the nation's attention and we've been lapping it up ever since.

TOWIE was forced to postpone filming earlier this year due to coronavirus but we've since seen the return of old faces during TOWIE Turns 10: All Back To Essex and series 26 has begun and this season there's two episodes a week.

So while the show celebrates 10 years being on the TV, we thought now is a good time as ever to look back at where it all began and reliving those iconic TOWIE moments.

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Amy gives Sam a vajazzle
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Amy gives Sam a vajazzle

There's no better place to start than the birth of the 'vajazzle', a crystal encrusted pattern that can be applied to a woman's nether regions to make their bits looks fancy and elegant. Beaut babe. After Amy Childs and Sam Faiers filmed this scene and it had aired, this was the only thing the nation was talking about, with salons across the country starting to offer the beauty treatment so fans of the show could replicate their idols and be a true Essex women.

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It's sometimes hard to remember these episodes are part of people's real lives, but recently Chloe Sims opened up about filming the ups and the downs, revealing it's hard dealing with the public pressure.

Speaking toThe Sun, the 37-year-old said she always been targeted for her age, getting trolled for joining the show aged 29. She said, 'Why on earth would I retire? ... Am I too old to be TV at the age of 37? I am 37, not 67. One lady messaged me who was definitely my nan's age and told me to "retire gracefully".' She added, 'I just don’t get what is wrong with someone to get so wound up about a TV show. Who in their right mind does that?'

We're happy to hear that Chloe doesn't plan to leave TOWIE any time soon because she's been involved in an awful lot of drama following the news that she and Pete Wicks have been friends with benefits for TWO years.

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