Too Hot To Handle’s Emily Miller and Cam Holmes Have Split

A cheating scandal has allegedly rocked their relationship.

Cam and Emily

by Aaliyah Harry |

I think we can all admit when Emily Miller and Cam Holmes left reality show Too Hot To Handle loved up, it was a shock. Too Hot to Handle puts singletons in a luxury villa with a catch: they're all forbidden from any sexual contact. On the hit Netflix show Cam struggled to commit to Emily and throughout he placed meaningless flings above relationships. But, he did prove us all wrong when he asked Emily to be his girlfriend and they moved in together after the retreat.

However, it seems like cracks have started to show as The Daily Mail have reported the pair have now split. Despite the loved up Instagram pictures, their relationship had reportedly been 'up and down' and 'stressful'. Allegedly, the couple have broken up after Emily discovered Cam had been cheating on her whilst she was on a trip to Thailand. Emily is reported to have discovered Cam in bed with the woman.

A source close to Cam said, 'We are shocked by Cam's actions. We really thought he wouldn't cheat on Emily but their relationship has been up and down and super stressful from the pressure of the public and the show nature.

'We knew Cam was cheating on Emily but didn't want to confront him as we are his friends and thought it was awkward. But if you are stupid enough to cheat on your girlfriend then you should own it and apologise.' They added, 'A lot of fans will be disappointed by Cam's moves and we only hope he learns a lesson from this.'

Cam and Emily made it to the final of season two of Too Hot To Handle, and remained together ever since - moving in to a London flat last February. The pair were also the only couple remaining from all three seasons of the show and celebrated their one year anniversary back in December.

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