Tom Hiddleston Gets ‘Testy’ When Asked About Taylor Swift

Don't mention the T.S. vest...

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by Katie Rosseinsky |
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Whatever you do, don’t ask Tom Hiddleston about Taylor Swift, OK?

After opening up about his ill-fated world tour – sorry – authentic summer romance with the singer in a GQ profile earlier this year, it seems that the Kong: Skull Island star has already had quite enough of talking about Tay Tay, thank you very much, if a new interview with The Telegraph is anything to go by.

When asked by reporter John Hiscock whether he regretted ‘the publicity and gossip the romance [with Taylor] engendered,’ Hiddleston became (in Hiscock’s words) ‘testy,’ hitting back by turning the question on his interviewer to ask ‘What should I regret, in your mind?’

‘I would rather not talk about this, if that’s alright,’ he added.

After taking a pause ‘with his hand on his chin’ (for he is, lest we forget, a capital ‘A’ Actor) Hiddleston went on to clarify his response, saying that ‘Everyone is entitled to a private life. I love what I do and I dedicate myself with absolute commitment to making great art and great entertainment, and in my mind I don’t conflict the two.’

tom hiddleston taylor swift breakup
Tom Hiddleston with Taylor Swift last year ©Rex Features

‘My work is in the public sphere and I have a private life. And those two things are separate,’ he concluded. We’ll consider ourselves schooled for next time, Tom (but we might ask you about that awful T.S. vest.)

In his GQ profile, the star was more forthcoming on his relationship with Taylor, describing the singer as ‘generous and kind and lovely.’

‘You have to fight for love. You can’t live in fear of what people might say. You know, you have to be true to yourself,’ he said. ‘I have to be so psychologically strong about not letting other people’s interpretations about my life affect my life. A relationship exists between two people. We will always know what it was.’

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