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The inevitable has happened.

Tom Hiddleston, erstwhile Bond hopeful and one-half of Hiddleswift, has finally joined the popular photo-sharing platform, Instagram. Please welcome to the stage… @twhiddleston!

For his debut post, the actor – who is currently filming Thor sequel Ragnarok in Australia –uploaded a selfie in full Loki regalia. Captioned with ‘He’s back!’, Tom’s first selfie comes complete with the sort of ‘rocking’ hand gesture you’ve probably not seen since your dad made you listen to heavy metal in the car. As one Grazia staffer puts it, the whole vibe is ‘very ‘Wayne’s World’…

Just hours after christening his new account, @twhiddleston has 531,000 followers and has garnered 146,000 likes on his first post – and is currently following absolutely no one. Not even The World’s Number Two Instagram User, Taylor Swift (who isn’t yet following her paramour, either.) But hey, who needs an Instagram follow when you’re living the authentic Hiddleswift experience?

Hiddleston’s latest foray into #socialmedia hasn’t gone unnoticed by his Avengers co-star Robert Downey Jr, who was quick to throw some friendly shade at Tom’s infamous 4th of July attire. Because T.S. definitely stood for Tony Stark (aka Iron Man), right? Right?

Seeing as Tom is new to this whole Instagram game, we’re guessing he might feel a little overwhelmed by the endless artistic possibilities that the app presents. With expectations running high, we’ve compiled a handy cheat sheet of Instagram opportunities for Tom to take advantage of. Just to, you know, ease his journey through the virtual waters. Here’s to some great #content!

The inaugural Hiddleswift selfie

Yes, Hiddleswift have technically appeared together on social media already (who can forget Ryan Reynolds’ sad, sad eyes?), but neither Taylor nor Tom has yet posted a picture of the other from their personal accounts. In an ideal situation, we want the picture they were pictured taking on those romantic Long Island rocks back in June, but we’ll settle for something less momentous.

The awkward school throwback

As you probably already know, Tom attended Eton College. One source even described him as ‘a class boff,’ which is what very, very posh people call nerds. Hiddleston could pull a blinder in the saturated #ThrowbackThursday market with a cringe-worthy GCSE Drama snap – ideally co-starring his classmate Eddie Redmayne. Extra points if Prince William makes an appearance.

tom hiddleston eddie redmayne
Tom Hiddleston with Eddie Redmayne ©Getty Images

The #boysquad

His girlfriend is infamous for her ever-expanding and impossibly photogenic girl gang, so it’s only fair that Tom should assemble an equally sizeable – and equally attractive – coterie of male A-listers for regular photo opportunities. Luckily, Tom’s role as Loki in Marvel’s superhero line-up brings with it a ready-made #boysquad of Chris Hemsworth, Idris Elba, Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo. Again, extra points if Prince William makes an appearance.

The new #swangoals

When Calvin Harris confirmed his split from Taylor Swift, we had several pressing questions, but ‘who gets custody of the inflatable swan?’ was definitely one of them. While #swangoals might now be dead in the, ahem, water, the time is now ripe for Hiddleswift to claim a new inflatable creature as a sign of their love. May we suggest a dolphin? A lobster? A floating effigy of cat Olivia Benson?

taylor swift calvin harris instagram
Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris on Instagram ©Instagram

The belfie

Of all the plaudits which Hiddleston has received for his turn in The Night Manager, we’re guessing that being crowned 2016’s Rear Of The Year was probably Tom’s proudest moment. Now that Tom’s on Instagram, do we have the possibility of an Internet-breaking belfie on the cards? It would certainly be an unexpected twist in the ongoing war between Taylor and Kim Kardashian…

The last-ditch Bond audition

It’s been heavily reported that Tom’s chances of becoming Daniel Craig’s successor are swiftly slipping away, but a well-timed Instagram post could help him claw things back. Time to rent a tux and mix up a Martini?

tom hiddleston baftas
Tom Hiddleston at the TV BAFTAs 2016 ©Getty Images

The patriotic public holiday

If there’s anything we’ve learned from avidly following Taylor on social media, it’s that national holidays should be celebrated with pride: the girl’s Fourth of July and Thanksgiving photoshoots – sorry, posts - are the stuff of Instagram legend. Being British, Tom doesn’t have quite as many patriotic dates in the calendar, but August Bank Holiday will be upon us soon – doubtless bringing with it rainy family walks, an ill-advised Sunday night out and plenty of Netflix. Instagenic, right?

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