Tom Hanks’ Wedding Dancing, As Filmed By Justin Bieber, Is Everything

He dressed in traditional Jewish garb for Scooter Braun's wedding…


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Tom Hanks is universally loved – take the popularity of this family snap of the moment his nearest and dearest saw the USA football team miss their chance at progressing in the World Cup, or the enduring charm of his films, especially *Forrest Gump. *That film is unbelievably good – unbelievable because Sally Field, who’s just ten years older than him, was playing his mum throughout.

Anyway, Tom Hanks’s universal adoration is clearly something Justin Bieber has cottoned on to, as he’s manage to eke his way back into our good books, simply by filming a video of the super loveable two-time Oscar winner dancing to Montell Jordan's This Is How We Do It. The two were both at Scooter Braun's wedding to Yael Cohen at the weekend, as Braun is Bieber’s manager and, well, he’s a businessman in showbusiness, so he knows Tom Hanks.

Justin filmed Tom – dressed in traditional Jewish garb of a yarmulke (tiny hat) and tallit (scarf) doing a traditional Jewish dance to the song, and put the results on Instagram along with the caption, ‘Haha Tom Hanks singing “This Is How we do it” dressed like a Rabbi lol #thatdancetho.’ It’s received over 560,000 likes. Which actually makes it one of the least liked videos on Justin’s Instagram. Seriously, a photo he’s since put up with some mountains and the comment ‘God’s creation’ got 860,000 likes.

Anyway, we like the video, so here it is:

Ed Sheeran was also at the wedding, and serenaded the Brauns for their first dance, before being joined by rapper Asher Roth to do a rendition of Blackstreet’s No Diggity. And Sophia Bush from One Tree Hill was there, too. Biebs uploaded a photo of them together with the caption, ‘I love this Girl. Such an inspiration for young women.’ Oh, and Carly Rae Jepsen turned up and did a duet of Call Me Maybe with Justin, according to E! News.

We might not have seen any of these other performances from the wedding, but we strongly believe that Tom’s was the best one of the night.

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