Tom Ford Loved The ‘Friends’ Costumes… And Other Things You Didn’t Know


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There has been lots of 'will they / won't they' speculation surrounding the prospect of a *Friends *reunion, the one apparently happening in tribute to the show's NBC director James Burrow.

Whilst it has been confirmed the cast – which included Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer and Courtney Cox – did actually get together on Sunday to tape a special dedicatory programme to the director for his 1,000th show for NBC, it was not a complete reunion as Matthew Perry ('Chandler') was unable to attend.

Nonetheless, Friends has become somewhat of a buzzword of late, making it the perfect time for the Friends Costume Designer, Debra McGuire, to speak out about little known facts relating to the much-loved fashion of the show.

Talking to The Daily Telegraph, McGuire revealed such titbits as a very well-known designer absolutely loving the *Friends *fashion, and how of their most coveted pieces of all came from here in Blighty.

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Tom Ford loved the clothes

'The greatest compliment I ever got was a few years ago from Tom Ford,' McGuire revealed. 'I got a note from Richard Buckley, his partner, saying they watched the show every night when they have dinner, and that Tom wanted me to know that the clothes looked better than ever. I like to think he felt that the clothes had stood up to the test of time.'

The characters couldn't always have afforded the clothes they wore

'So I wanted to find a great leather jacket for Joey,' McGuire said, 'something that could be his best friend, and the one I found was Armani, which was a riot because he never could have afforded Armani. We made it look like a poor man’s choice, but really it wasn’t. And that was the case for a lot of things actually, which is very funny.'

She took inspiration from London

'When I was in London doing Friends, for the episode when Ross gets married, I went to this boutique called Idol (now sadly not there anymore) and bought so much stuff for Phoebe and for Rachel,' she told the paper. 'And some of those pieces are the most loved pieces by the fans. There was a strapless yellow dress that Rachel wore that I think I got thousands of emails over the years just about that dress.'

They needed up to 75 outfits per episode

'For a 30-minute episode, the scripts sometimes spanned six to 10 days,' said McGuire, 'which means at least six outfit changes for the six stars, then three guest stars with three changes, so we had between 50 and 75 changes per episode.

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