Today’s Rumour We Hope Is True: George Clooney Took A Penis Selfie

It has come from a reliable source - his old co-star....


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Sometimes there are those rumours you so badly want to be true that you don’t want to risk reading further into them in case you stumble across something that makes you doubt them. A case in point: news today that George Clooney had a bit of a thing for taking funny dick selfies when he was younger in order to terrorise his friends and colleagues.

The news has come from former co-star Roseanne Barr, who appeared on US talk show The Talk and claimed that George Clooney couldn’t quite help himself after a boozey evening on set at the end of the 80s. 'We used to have a few cocktails after we wrapped on the set there… just the adults,' she said. ‘George took a picture of his, um, weiner? What’s the better word?'

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When the show’s co-host Aisha Tyler suggested that it was his ding-dong, Roseanne (rightfully) agreed. ‘Yeah. Well, he had these Groucho [Marx] glasses, and he put the Groucho glasses so that the wiener was – instead of the nose; he took the nose off. And he put [the picture] on the fridge for the next day when we came in.’

According to Roseanne, someone obviously took a liking to the picture because it was then stolen. ‘We would laugh at it all the time and about the second day, it disappeared. I don't know. I thought it would surface by now, but maybe they don't know it was George Clooney.’

Despite Roseanne’s claims, Clooney denies this particular incident (but then again maybe he would now he's older and wiser?!) but does accept this is something he’s done in the past (phew!). He told New York Daily News that he pulled the prank when he was younger, but never would have done it at that stage in his career: ‘I called it The Face. But I knew better than to do it at that stage of my career. I must have told her the story.’

Now, who's still got that picture on their fridge then?

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