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Lady Bird Fans Need To Watch The Trailer For Timothée Chalamet's Latest Movie

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Timothée Chalamet, our favourite acute-accented rising star and proud owner of the best hair in Hollywood, is fast becoming the king of the coming of age movie. First came Call Me By Your Name, then a scene-stealing performance as a quintessentially Noughties indie teen in Lady Bird, and now Hot Summer Nights, another throwback tale of teenage angst and growing pains, this time with added drug dealing.

In Hot Summer Nights, the trailer for which has just dropped online after generating some festival buzz last year, Timothée plays Daniel, your typical awkward on-screen teenager, who is forced to spend a summer with his aunt in sleepy but scenic Cape Cod. Soon, he gets caught up with a local cannabis dealer, switching gears from nerdy kid to small-time weed kingpin in a matter of weeks. What follows allows plenty of scope for all of our favourite Timmy C tropes: casually smoking, wearing vintage stripes, lying in fields looking pensive and gently weeping.

Maika Monroe, who you might recognise from It Follows or Independence Day: Resurgence plays Daniel's love interest, who goes by the peak__ manic pixie dream girl name McKayla Strawberry (she also happens to be the kid sister of his dealer boss, which we're sure will eventually prove complicated...)

Shot back in 2016 (which might just explain why TC looks even more baby-faced than usual) Hot Summer Nights made its festival debut at South by South West last year, and is slated for a US cinema release on July 27th (we're crossing our fingers that a UK date will follow shortly).

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