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Theresa May Wants The Next James Bond To Be A Woman

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The Prime Minister has called for the next James Bond to be played by a woman.

The conversation came about while Theresa May was speaking to reporters on board her RAF Voyager en route to Cyprus to give a festive address, The Guardian reported. When questioned about what she would be watching over the holidays May revealed she was looking forward to watching Doctor Who, and in particular seeing Jodie Whittaker as the first female Doctor.

‘I do like watching Doctor Who at Christmas. I think it’s a great move forward for girl power that there is going to be a female Doctor,’ May said.

She also said she is hoping that we can see more and more female leads both in TV shows and in film.

‘One day there should be a female James Bond,’ May stated.

When pressed on which actor should play the next Bond, May way shy to give a specific name.

‘I don’t know who is being lined up. I read the other day that James Norton was being talked about as a possible James Bond. I think he did an interview where he said he’d quite like to,’ she said.

When asked if Norton was her preference, May said: ‘That’s a leading question! I don’t know who the other candidates might be.’

While Daniel Craig has confirmed he will appear in the next two Bond films, speculation is still rife about who will fill his shoes when he retires from the franchise. Names in the mix include James Norton, Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba and Olivia Coleman.

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