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Yes, a certain media storm around Lily James and Dominic West made it famous, but it's worth watching for the script alone...

the pursuit of love

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Remember those paparazzi pictures ofLily James and Dominic West... Yep? Well, at the time, the pair were working on The Pursuit of Love, which is actually just about to hit the small screen. Based on the classic Nancy Mitford novel of the same name, the period romcom follows 'two cousins thrust into a decadent, whirlwind adventure.' Trust us, it's set to be the hit of the season. But what else is there to know about the show?

Who is in The Pursuit Of Love?

The all-star cast features Lily James and Emily Beecham in the lead parts, as Linda Radlett and Fanny Logan respectively. It also stars The Hot Priest, AKA Andrew Scott, as Lord Merlin, Dominic West as Uncle Matthew, Dolly Wells as Aunt Sadie and Beattie Edmondson as Louisa Radlett. Emily Mortimer is starring as Fanny's mother - called The Bolter due to a long history of romances - oh, and as if acting wasn't enough, she also directed and wrote the adaptation. Talk about juggling.

What is The Pursuit Of Love about?

The official synopsis for the show says: '1920s, Oxfordshire. On the brink of adulthood, Linda Radlett and her beloved cousin Fanny Logan are stuck in the countryside, impatiently waiting for life to begin so they can escape the confines of Alconleigh. Linda, who has lived her life under the terrifying regime of Uncle Matthew, dreams of excitement and adventure.

'But Fanny, abandoned by her mother and raised by her Aunt Emily, is more concerned with comfort and stability. When their glamorous neighbour Lord Merlin brings Tony Kroesig to their coming out ball, Linda falls hopelessly in love with him. However, sensing Fanny’s disapproval of the match, it’s not long before Linda pushes Fanny away and leaves her beloved cousin feeling left behind.' In other words, it's about love, and all its different forms: lust, romance, commitment, family. Gosh, we're feeling rather weepy already.

Is there a trailer for The Pursuit Of Love?

Yes, and you can watch it here. From the 1-minute trailer, it looks rather good - there's some envy-inducing outfits. Oh, and Andrew Scott winks.

When will The Pursuit Of Love be on TV?

Good question. The first of three episodes will air this Sunday on BBC One at 9pm and continue every Sunday after. And if you can't wait to watch the rest on TV, the whole series will drop on iPlayer that day too.

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