Taylor Swift Wasn’t Sad Enough To Write 1989, Borrowed Fictional Emotions

She turned to John Hughes films because her life was way too fun to access all the sads…

Taylor Swift Wasn’t Sad Enough To Write 1989, Borrowed Fictional Emotions

by Sophie Wilkinson |
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You know how Taylor Swift has a history of writing songs about exes? Well, much of that stopped with the release of 1989, because, she’s now explained, she was so happy when she was writing the album that she couldn’t get into a sad headspace.

In an interview with Ryan Adams – the man who covered her album, word for word, much to many indie critics’ dismay/joy – for GQ, she explained: ‘For 1989 I would watch John Hughes movies and I’d think pause, freezeframe, what’s she thinking in this moment, what’s he thinking in this moment?

‘Because *1989, *I wrote when I was single, I didn’t have much intense drama going on, I was living for my friends, and I was living in New York and everything was exciting. So to access those emotions again I would put myself into other people’s perspectives.’

Just FYI, some fantastic John Hughes movies, all made around the 1980s, are Pretty In Pink

and The Breakfast Club

Taylor also added that she’s always ‘pre-writing’ and as well as getting inspiration for high-pitched choruses of ‘stay’ from eerie dreams about goodfornothing exes turning up to her house, she likes to ‘cherrypick’ lyrics from a massive note full of ‘cool observations’ that pop into her head every now and then.

We wonder how many of her friends and their heartaches have been the subject of said observations…

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