Taylor Swift Fans Have Already Figured Out What Her Seventh Album Is Called

The devil works hard but Swifties work harder


by Grazia |

A new Taylor Swift era is upon us, and we're embracing it with open arms.

After the drop of her highly anticipated new single, ME!, Taylor quickly sent her fans and the entire world into meltdown with the bubblegum-pastel-pink-pop video to accompany it.

Not only is the video filled with loads of Easter egg clues to her previous endeavours - that started off with the snake right at the very beginning (a reference to her snake emoji filled Reputation era) - but Taylor took to Twitter a couple of hours after the video aired to tell fans that the name of her seventh album was also hidden within.

"So... the new album title is actually revealed somewhere in the video AND so is the title of the second single," she wrote.

Que millions of Swifties putting their Line Of Duty shaped thinking caps on.

Given that the video isn't filled with that many words - apart from the French dialogue in the very beginning - many fans soon zoomed in on the neon signs that appear, one with the one 'Lover' and another that is virtually impossible to read.

Those theories were soon scrapped, because Taylor wouldn't be that obvious, surely?

A collection of fans seem to think that they've cracked it. Taylor Swift seven is called Kaleidoscope.

Alluding to the number of Kaleidoscope-type images that are in the video, all the clues seem to point towards that name.

Quite fitting really, especially as some fans pointed out that a group of butterflies is sometimes referred to as a "kaleidoscope," which would certainly signify Taylor's new girly butterfly motif trend.

C'mon Taylor, put us all out of our misery...


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