You’d Need 55 Housemates To Be Able To Afford The Rent On Taylor Swift’s Dreamy Dreamy New Flat

Taylor Swift's moved into a sweet new pad in New York while her other one's being done up. You could totally afford it. As long as you install bunk beds.

You'd Need 55 Housemates To Be Able To Afford The Rent On Taylor Swift's Dreamy Dreamy New Flat

by Jess Commons |
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Oh my gosh. How broken is the housing market if even Taylor Swift has to rent?


JK. Taylor Swift is supposedly currently renting in New York because she's having her other place (that she does own) done up. Presumably to install like a spaceship launch pad or something.

Anyways - according to reports, Taylor has moved into the West Village apartment for a yearand she's paying $40,000 monthly for the privelege. N0t that she's living in some pokey Marnie-from-Girls-esque studio flat though. Oh no.

Her new place, affectionately called 'The Stable' (presumably because you can fit all the horses in the world in there) is the shit.

According to a flatplan, the place has four bedrooms, an indoor pool, a 'fitness center', a 'rooftop entertaining area' and more terraces than you can shake a stick at. Check out some more pics of the place here.

Do you know what though. By our calculations, Taylor's new place is totally affordable. See in British money, $40k is only like £28k. Which means you only need 55 other mates to move in to get everyone's monthly rent down to £500 a month.

See? Totally affordable.

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