Taylor Swift’s Alleged MySpace Profile Pictures Prove She’s One Of Us

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 2006

Taylor Swift Myspace profile pictures

by Holly Rains |
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Taylor Swift is the undisputed ruler of Instagram. The governing body of social media with over 68.6 million Instagram followers (and counting), 72.5 million Twitter followers (and counting) and the most civilian MySpace profile we could have imagined. Yes, MySpace. Taylor Swift was on MySpace.

Taylor’s teenage MySpace profile has been uncovered, and whilst there is speculation that this couldn’t possibly be the Real Taylor Swift ‘s MySpace profile, the pictures and captions have made us regress ten years, to a time where selfies required really malleable arms, front-facing cameras were a distant dream and ‘FUGLY’ was a real synonym for ugly.

Prepare to go back to 2006...

The time Taylor Swift thought she was 'FUGLY':

Taylor Swift Myspace profile pictures
Taylor Swift thinks she looks 'Fugly' ©stupidoldpick-uptruck.tumblr.com

Photo: dirtytaylorswift.tumblr.com

The time Taylor Swift swapped lyrics for limericks:

Taylor Swift old funny MySpace photos and comments
Taylor Swift writes limericks too ©mess-of-a-dreamerrr.tumblr.com

Photo: mess-of-a-dreamerrr.tumblr.com

The time Taylor Swift made spelling cool:

Taylor Swift Myspace profile pictures
Taylor Swift reminding us all that spelling is cool ©Myspace / Via klear.com/mess-of-a-dreamerrr.tumblr.com

Photo: Myspace / Via klear.com/mess-of-a-dreamerrr.tumblr.com

Imagine if Taylor had Bebo?

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