Breaking Down Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do Video

The video for TayTay's diss track Look What You Made Me Do dropped during the 2017 MTV VMAs… and it wasn't quite what we expected.

Taylor Swift's Look What You Made Me Do video

by Jennifer Lynn |
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In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, Taylor Swift’s music video for new track Look What You Made Me Do dropped on Sunday night, during the 2017 MTV VMAs. There’s already been much speculation about who the supposed diss track is referring to – Kanye? Katy Perry? – and now we have a visual aid it should be a whole lot easier to work out the answer. Shouldn’t it?

Well, maybe not. Kicking off in a graveyard with a headstone that reads ‘here lies Taylor Swift’s reputation’, the Joseph Kahn-directed video sees Swifty say goodbye to many of her former personas, including You Belong To Me sweet girlfriend Taylor, ringmaster Taylor from her 2012 MTV EMA performance, interrupted by Kanye Taylor from the 2009 MTV VMAS… we could go on. Notably, the tombstone next to hers reads 'Nils Sjoberg', the pseudonym she used when she wrote This Is What You Came For for ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris.

There’s a nod to former love Tom Hiddleston when her dancers all wear tops emblazoned with ‘I heart T.S.’ (as he famously did on the 4th of July last year) and to her battle with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West with the snake theme running throughout (after Kimye fans spammed her Instagram with snake emojis). She even appears to mock Kim's jewellery heist, lying in a bathtub full of jewels, biting on a choker not dissimilar to one worn by Mrs Kardashian West in Snapchats before the robbery.

And then, at the end, possibly the most self-aware moment of Taylor Swift’s career: all her different alter egos bitching at each other, using quotes people have either said about her or words she’s uttered herself. Case in point: ‘I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative’, which Swifty said post-Kimye feud about Kanye using her name in his song Famous, supposedly without permission.

So while there's no definitive answer as to who the track is firing at – though Kanye is definitely in there – it seems Look What You Made Me Do could be Taylor’s way of moving past all the former BS. Time will tell when her new album, Reputation, drops on 10 November.

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