Taylor Swift Law Suit Gets Thrown Out Via Taylor Swift Lyrics

Someone sued her because apparently he invented the term ‘haters gone hate’…

Taylor Swift Law Suit Gets Thrown Out Via Taylor Swift Lyrics

by Sophie Wilkinson |

A man has had his lawsuit against Taylor Swift thrown out by a judge who summoned Taylor Swift lyrics to do so.

Jesse Braham sued Taylor for $42million because, he claimed, she had taken a 22-word phrase from his song Haters Gone Hate to use in her song Shake It Off.

Us District Court Judge Gail Standish made it clear to Jesse that because he hadn’t submitted enough evidence to prove a link between the two songs, his case would be thrown out:

‘At present, the Court is not saying that Braham can never, ever, ever get his case back in court. But, for now, we have got problems, and the Court is not sure Braham can solve them.’

‘As currently drafted, the Complaint has a blank space — one that requires Braham to do more than write his name. And, upon consideration of the Court's explanation ... Braham may discover that mere pleading Band-Aids will not fix the bullet holes in his case. At least for the moment, Defendants have shaken off this lawsuit.’

For what it’s worth, here’s Jesse’s song.

Oh, and as for Standish? Accroding to the LA Times, he’s a UCLA Law School graduate who is widely known as one of California’s top intellectual property litigators.

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