Taylor Swift Invited A Bunch Of Fans To Her House And Baked Them Cookies

Eighty-nine of them sat in her living room and listened to the new album


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Some insanely lucky fans got to live the actual dream last week, when they went to Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island house, for a listening party for 1989.

Here’s what happened, according to fan @ToryAmandaRay who posted a picture with the singer and detailed the whole dreamy experience in the caption:

‘On Thursday, my sister (along with 87 other people) was hand picked & invited by Taylor herself to a "Secret Session" at Taylor's home in Rhode Island! We were sworn to secrecy; we were only allowed to tell immediate family & we weren't allowed to post anything on social media.

'We hung out with Taylor, at her house, for 6 hours!! Her home was right on the beach, & absolutely beautiful! We all sat in her living room & she played her new album for us, 1989. She sang along to every song & at the end we all danced to Shake It Off!

'We got to talk to her parents; they took us out on her balcony, which had a perfect view of a lighthouse & the ocean!

'There was tons of food, & Taylor even made us homemade cookies! We got goodie bags with tshirts, calendars, & a special key chain made just for us! She was so sweet, & talked to each of us individually & took pix.

'Of course, I couldn't leave without holding a GRAMMY! It was absolutely amazing! Definitely a day I'll never forget! It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, & I'm so blessed to have been given it to meet one of my role models, & one of the biggest icons of my generation!’

Wait, they not only went to her massive Rhode Island house, Taylor baked cookies, too? That actually must have been the most surreal album listening party in history.

After the event, Taylor posted a bunch of pictures of her in various lols poses with some of the fans who attended. It seems like she truly let people hang out at her house, cuddling under blankets, pretending to play the piano, and posing with random home décor accessories like lanterns and sailboats.

And 89 people in her living room? It must be huuuuge.

Picture: Instagram

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