This ‘Funny’ Tweet About Taylor Swift Is Actually The Grossest Example Of Slut Shaming

There was ham. Lots of ham.

This 'Funny' Tweet About Taylor Swift Is Actually The Grossest Example Of Slut Shaming

by Chemmie Squier |
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Whilst we’re as cynical as the next person about exactly what the hell is going on with #Swiddleton – could it be that they really are just playing out a very elaborate music video? Or is it the James Bond thing? – the media’s treatment of Taylor Swift when news broke that they were dating, was full of slut-shaming.

But it wasn't just the media. Now, tweets – and one in particular – by an American woman called Jennifer Mayers on the day that news of #Swiddleton broke, have surfaced further proving how mysogynistic the conversation around female celebrities - and their sex lives - can be.

She began:

Before topping it off with this picture to illustrate her thoughts:

That’s right. Jennifer Mayers used two ham baps to illustrate what she thinks Taylor Swift’s vagina looks like compared to her daughters’.

And it’s hilarious, right? It’s hilarious because she took the time to meticulously place layers of wafer thin ham, in such a way as to depict what she believes to be a vagina that has been penetrated numerous times. It's hilarious because it's so ridiculous.

But actually, when you really think about it, it’s terrifying. Because this person really, actually, truly believes what she is saying: that Taylor Swift is 'promiscuous' and therefore must have a 'loose' vagina. What's even more terrifying is that she isn't the only one who thinks that, it's just she's come out and said it. This archaic opinion women having to be 'chaste' and 'pure' and devoid of sexuality, we all know, still exists. And the myth that a vagina physically becomes ‘loose’ depending on how sexually active you are? Bullshit. And it's a myth designed to terrify young women into chastity.

Lets not even get into the fact that what she's depicted here is the labia and so even the point she is trying to make is anatomically incorrect.

This all comes as no surprise though when you scroll through the rest of Mayers’ feed and see that it is full of hateful, racist, homophobic and misogynystic comments. So whilst this tweet might seem funny at first glance, remember that Mayers believes what she’s saying and, sadly, so do many others.

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