Taylor Swift Basically Ruins Vlogger Fans’ Wedding Video

YouTube have pulled the video because it contained just a snippet of Taylor’s music. Meanwhile, Taylor might have more on her mind…

Taylor Swift Basically Ruins Vlogger Fans’ Wedding Video

by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Calvin Harris’s chances to remain Taylor Swift’s boyfriend are thinning after pictures emerged showing him leaving a Thai massage parlour that is alleged to provide ‘happy ending’ services. Regardless of what happened inside, the fact he was seen somewhere so seedy - $40 ( a massage for a man who is worth $110 million – doesn’t really reflect well on Taylor’s squeaky clean butter-wouldn’t-melt-unless-I-was-heating-it-for-a-cake-recipe image.

But while rumours about that swirl around and we might never know what happens behind celebrities’ closed doors, there’s a much less sexy thing we learned this weekend that is sure to jolt people’s perceptions of good old Taylor.


A newlywed couple has had their entire wedding video – vows, speeches, first dance – muted on YouTube by the YouTube powers that be. Why? Because it features a Taylor Swift song.

You see, Rose Ellen Dix, a vlogger, married her co-vlogger Rosie Spaughton in March of this year. And their first dance was to a Taylor Swift song. Footage of this formed just part of the video, but now the entire audio track has been deleted, months later, presumably by someone in Taylor’s legal/copyright team.

Rose told her 93,000 followers:

But she’s not angry, just disappointed:

Maybe Taylor will take notice of Rose’s plea, but with very strict rules in place so that she can earn money off of her work it seems unlikely that she can undo what’s been asked for.

While Taylor Swift’s stands against Spotify and, initially Apple Music (they bowed to her pleas that they pay artists from the moment they’re being listened to, not after fans get three months of free listens from them in a trial period), have been incredibly worthwhile, there’s a limit…

Rose and Rosie are vloggers with huge followings and potential income from the videos they put out. But in a world devoid of fan-made video tributes to Taylor Swift, overlaid with music from her albums, not only does she have full control over the images her music is played alongside, but she has control over her entire storyline. It means her fans can't tinker much with the image of herself she puts out. It’ll save her from all of the overzealous fans who’ll want to edit videos of her and Harry Styles singing to each other, but what will it lose her?

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