Fans Are Going Bananas Over This Video Of Taylor Swift Post-Surgery

'I'm not asleep. My mind is alive.’

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by Bonnie McLaren |
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People are going wild - or should we say bananas - over this hilarious video of Taylor Swift, which she was surprised with on The Jimmy Fallon Show.

Recently, the singer underwent laser eye-surgery, and little known to her, her mum recorded her recovery - where she cried over a banana.

In the clip, a delirious post-surgery Taylor is wearing a huge pair of goggles and struggles to pick the banana she wants, which upsets her enormously, as she grumbles, ‘this isn’t the one I wanted.’

Taylor is then taken to her bed, still under the influence of surgery medication, so she can have some rest - and eat her banana. ‘Don't fall asleep eating your banana, ok?' her mum, Andrea, says. 'I'm not asleep. My mind is alive,' she responds.

As one fan tweeted, 'This is the best Taylor Swift video ever. 1. I want a song written about that banana. 2. I want Andrea Swift to release her camera roll. 3. I want "I'm not asleep, my mind is alive" on a pillow, a shirt, a phone case and tattooed on my literal eyelids.'

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