Everything We Know About #Swiddleton (Sigh)

Taylor's having a right fun time dating. Good for her!

Everything We Know About #Swiddleton

by Alyss Bowen |
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'Swiddleton' is a legit thing, if you didn’t know – but of course you did, who are we kidding. News broke on Wednesday morning when The Sun leaked images of none other than Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston, aka maybe future James Bond, sharing a kiss on a rock by the sea in Rhode Island. And the world has gone mental over it. Literally, off-the-walls mad. Several media outlets have already been pretty speedy in calling TayTay out for her dating choices, or implying that she’s a serial dater – something which we’re calling bullshit on. She’s a normal 20-something girl and the world needs to get over that fact she likes to date handsome men.

But for those of you who do care about this new romance (we’re guessing a lot of you do), this is everything we know so far.

#Swiddleton at the Met Gala

Remember when that video surfaced of the two having a nice little dance off at the 2016 Met Gala? They enjoyed theirselves, they had a good time, that’s all we thought it was. But according to The Mirror, they were spotted leaving a dinner party thrown by Anna Wintour the night before. Taylor was supposedly caught ‘gazing at Tom,’ which seems a bit ridiculous as she is literally just walking out of a door that Tom happens to be in front of. We wouldn't really call that a gaze, more a 'oh look here's a door I need to look out of as I step outside,' but whatever.

#Swiddleton in interviews

After the fancy vogue dinner, Tom called Taylor ‘amazing’ and explained that he had ‘seen a couple of her, like, videos,’ during a interview with MTV. He sounds dead smitten doesn’t, like, he. He called her cool and that was that.

#Swiddleton and Calvin Harris

Apparently Calvin got jealous, and was ‘suspicious’ of Tay in the weeks leading up to their split. Then two weeks after the Met Gala, they split. Calvin tweeted: 'The only truth is that a relationship came to an end and what remains is a huge amount of love and respect.' proving what a lovely, lovely guy he is. Taylor even retweeted it, how grown-up.


#Swiddleton the kiss

Pictures emerged of Taylor and Tom sharing a kiss on a beach by her Rhode Island massive mansion. Two weeks after her and now-ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris split. According to an onlooker they looked like a ‘young couple madly in love without a care in the world.’ Good for them. They took a selfie together, do we care? Not really but it happened.

#Swiddleton vs Calvin Harris’ reaction

I mean, he seems fine. Apart from the fact both him and Taylor deleted all photos of the pair together from their social accounts, he doesn’t seem THAT bothered. TMZreporters tracked him down to ask how he felt about the whole romance and his response was a pretty chilled: “it’s all good, she’s doing her thing, she’s doing her thing dude.” Bravo Calvin, bravo. Although he did tweet ‘it’s about to go down’ and then delete it pretty rapidly but we all deal with these things in our own way and if that helped him through you go ahead, Calvin.

So what’s next for #Swiddleton?

We don’t have a clue. Sorry, but we’re sure by 6.27pm this afternoon some other news will have broken and the world will be in bits, again. We will hopefully be in the pub by then, so you might not get any updates from Team Debrief till Monday, sorrrry.

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