We’re Not Sure How We Feel About Theresa May’s Millennial Pink Dress

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by Rebecca Cope |
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With her self-confessed interest in fashion, it's perhaps unsurprising that Prime Minister Theresa May's holiday wardrobe includes a smart shirt dress in the shade that has become synonymous with style in 2017 - millennial pink.

Undoubtedly aware that she would be papped while taking time off in Italy's picturesque Lake Garda, the PM savvily opted for a flattering, inoffensive and also practical linen dress from Next, which retails at just £26. We do, after all, live in a post-Trousergate world. (May was criticised last year for appearing in a Sunday Times Style shoot wearing £995 leather trousers).

The media has long been fascinated with May's fashion choices - from her fondness for leopard print to kitten heels - so it would be surprising if there wasn't some calculation on her part here. But it is her choice of colour palette that is the most interesting thing.

Never has a hue had such loaded connotations than millennial pink, associated as it is with the Instagram generation - a group who, of course, voted overwhelmingly against May at the recent election. Is this a subtle nod to her detractors, an attempt to get them on side? Maybe. Or maybe she just liked this particular shade of dusty salmon for a holiday.

It could, of course, have the opposite affect and turn people off the colour for good. The media has been predicting the death of millennial pink for some time now - we professed it just yesterday. Fashion is famously fickle; we're constantly looking for the next big trend. Something is always the 'new' something else.

Others as well will accuse May of 'not dressing her age' as if only one generation of people can wear a certain colour. The Daily Mail's predictable angle is that she looked unfashionable and should have tanned her legs.

So is it May's way of getting down with the kids, showing off her style credentials or does she just like the colour? We'll never know. But one think we do know and that we would like to apologise for is adding to the internet's total word count on millennial pink.

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