This Year’s Sundance Festival Is The Sleeper Fashion Hit Of 2019 So Far…

In between Brexit and the Oscars, we almost forgot about Sundance, which has produced some of the best fashion moments of 2019 so far...

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Admittedly, we’ve been sleeping on Sundance. Between Brexit and the Oscar’s race, our attention has been elsewhere. Plus, we just assumed it would fall into the same old rhythm of Uggs, down jackets and ski gloves. Not this year, Satan.

With his hair slicked back and a hippie-ish lemon and pink tie-dye spread across his chest, Jeff Goldblum was the dapper but daring patron saint of Sundance’s new sartorial side. He was aided and abetted by Michelle Williams (actress, not child of Destiny) in Louis Vuitton and FKA Twigs who channelled a naughty Edwardian schoolboy in Vivienne Westwood and archive Jean Paul Gaultier. Poorna Jagannathan arrived in a complex wrap of houndstooth tailoring, Zawe Ashton (yes, that one off Fresh Meat) looked glorious in Roksanda while Lupita Nyong’o made light of a goth palette in a black Alex Perry velvet wriggle dress.

Unlike the Venice film festival, per se, we expect Sundance to showcase the movies we want to see not the clothes we want to cop. Not this year, for in 2019 it’s delivering on both fronts. We'll happily nab Demi Moore's Ports 1961 coat and Derek Lam sweater and tune into Mindy Kaling's Late Night, thank you very much.

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sundance 2019 fashion

Jeff Goldblum sundance 2019 fashion1 of 12

Jeff Goldblum sundance 2019 fashion

Jeff Goldblum

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sundance 2019 fashion

Zawe Ashton

sundance 2019 fashion3 of 12

sundance 2019 fashion

Demi Moore

sundance 2019 fashion4 of 12

sundance 2019 fashion

Mindy Kaling

sundance 2019 fashion5 of 12

sundance 2019 fashion

FKA Twigs

Michelle Williams sundance 2019 fashion6 of 12

Michelle Williams sundance 2019 fashion

Michelle Williams

Poorna Jagannathan sundance 2019 fashion7 of 12

Poorna Jagannathan sundance 2019 fashion

Poorna Jagannathan

Demi Mooresundance 2019 fashion8 of 12

Demi Mooresundance 2019 fashion

Demi Moore

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sundance 2019 fashion

Natalia Dyer sundance 2019 fashion10 of 12

Natalia Dyer sundance 2019 fashion

Natalia Dyer

Riley Keough sundance 2019 fashion11 of 12

Riley Keough sundance 2019 fashion

Riley Keough

Lupita Nyong'o sundance 2019 fashion12 of 12

Lupita Nyong'o sundance 2019 fashion

Lupita Nyong'o

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