Suits Cast Reveal That Royal Household Are Fans Of The Show

Sarah Rafferty

by Rebecca Cope |
Published on

As the dust settles on the royal wedding, Meghan Markle’s former S_uits_ co-stars have begun to open up about their experiences attending the most-talked about nuptials of the year.

Gabriel Macht, who plays the main character Harvey on the show, revealed that the Queen’s staff approached him with compliments about the series and his performance. ‘This fellow came up to me, and he said “Gabriel, I’m the Queen’s page. I love Harvey, and I love Suits. I just wanted to let you know,”’ he told Harper’s Bazaar US, ‘That was just classic!’

He also revealed the surealness of the day was not lost on some of the most A-list of guests, sharing a touching anecdote about Oprah’s reaction to the ceremony.

‘There was a fantastic moment right when the wedding party came out of the chapel and Oprah came out,’ he continued. ‘And she had this moment of “Oh my God.” You could see, it was like her eyes almost popped out of her head, like “I can’t believe I’m here witnessing this.” And we all felt that, but to have Oprah clearly feel that way was amazing.’

Macht’s fellow Suits star Sarah Rafferty was also moved by the proceedings, sharing that the Reverend Michael Curry’s sermon was a particular highlight for her.

‘I was so moved by the sermon, and I had the opportunity to go over to the reverend and just thank him,’ she told Harper’s Bazaar US. ‘It was my opinion that that was the sermon the world needed to hear on that day. I was almost crying when I talked to him, I could barely get it out. And I felt like it bonded me to the strangers I was sitting with, because we all took it in and looked over to each other and whispered to each other, and had our ‘wow’ moments together. When we said goodbye later, I said, “We may never see each other again, but it was really an honor to share this with you.”’

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