The Sugababes Are Reuniting On The Graham Norton Show

Dust off your waist belts, it's 2005.

The Sugababes Are Reuniting On Graham Norton Next Week

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At the end of last week's The Graham Norton Show, Norton mentioned that DJ Spoony would be performing next week. However, he omitted one small detail that will have everyone who was a teenager in 2007 scrambling for their waist belt and iPod mini. The Sugababes are going to reunite and perform.

If your first question is 'which Sugababes?' then you've got a fair point because 1 in 9 women in the UK was, at one point, a member of the group. The line-up we'll be enjoying on Friday includes Siobhán Donaghy, Mutya Buena and Keisha Buchanan (below).

Other members of the band included Heidi Range, Amelle Barrabah and Jade Ewans are, it seems, NFI.

The middle orientation of the band (Heidi, Mutya and Keisha) sang Too Lost In You (below).

The final line up was briefly four Sugababes, the come-lately Ammelle and Jade, plus OG Keisha. Their best known song was 'about a girl' (below) but let's face it, it's not Hole In The Head.

Anyway, the plan is that they'll join DJ Spoony to perform Flowers to celebrate DJ Spoony’s upcoming album Garage Classical, a collection of reworked garage classics from the 90s, with artists like Paloma Faith and Lily Allen performing on them.

The only way that we could be more excited would be if all six of the Sugababes had joined together to create a kind of supergroup. Thank you to the BBC for giving the people what they didn't even know that they wanted.

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The Totally Bonkers Celebrity X Factor Line Up

Megan McKenna1 of 15

Megan McKenna

First up is Megan McKenna of TOWIE fame. We fear Megan might have an unfair advantage, as she has actually already made a foray into country music - she had a whole TV show about it, and released album Story of Me in December 2018.

Kevin McHale2 of 15

Kevin McHale

Remember Artie from Glee? Well, Kevin McHale is taking part in this year's series. Again, seems like an unfair advantage AS HE WAS LITERALLY IN GLEE, a show about students singing, FOR YEARS.

Martin Bashir3 of 15

Martin Bashir

The journalist who rose to prominence after his TV interview with the late Diana seems to be taking a very different career route, saying singing is 'outside of his comfort zone'. According to MailOnline, we might all be shocked by his performance, as a source told them, 'Bashir is a natural performer and has surprised everyone with a strong singing voice.'

Ricki Lake4 of 15

Ricki Lake

When casting for Celebrity X Factor, Simon Cowell looked to the Atlantic to enlist talk show host Ricki Lake, who had her own Emmy winning show in the US from 1993 to 2004. She has promised, 'It's time for me to prove I'm not just all talk.'

Victoria Ekanoye5 of 15

Victoria Ekanoye

Corrie's Angie Appleton is taking to the mic, and has insisted that singing has always been her main passion. Now's a good chance for her to pull out all the stops.

Jonny Labey6 of 15

Jonny Labey

EastEnders soap star Jonny Labey - who played Paul Coker in the BBC One show - is another actor swapping soap for the X Factor stage. And apparently we're going to be impressed by him. 'Jonny has really impressed the panel with his vocal ability,' a source told the Daily Star. 'They weren't expecting him to be as good as he is. Everyone working on the show is saying he'll be one to watch.'

Olivia Olson7 of 15

Olivia Olson

You might not think you recognise Olivia, but you do - as she is none other than the little girl (Joanna) in Love Actually. She is no doubt who we are most excited to watch.

Hayley Hasselhoff8 of 15

Hayley Hasselhoff

Her dad used to judge Britain's Got Talent, so now it makes sense that she's on Celebrity X Factor.

Vinnie Jones9 of 15

Vinnie Jones

ICYMI, the former footballer appeared on Top of the Pops - seventeen years ago.

The Sportsgroup (Thom Evans, Ben Foden and Levi Davis)10 of 15

The Sportsgroup (Thom Evans, Ben Foden and Levi Davis)

Rugby men (Thom Evans, Ben Foden and Levi Davis) are forming a three-piece band. Apparently, Thom has some experience of being on stage as he was part of the band Twen2y4se7en, who supported Peter Andre and Westlife, Ben missed a day's training to audition for Pop Idol and Levi studied music and performing arts.

Jenny Ryan11 of 15

Jenny Ryan


The Islanders (Wes Nelson, Samira Mighty, Eyal Booker and Zara McDermott)12 of 15

The Islanders (Wes Nelson, Samira Mighty, Eyal Booker and Zara McDermott)

OMG, it's reality TV inception. Wes Nelson, Samira Mighty, Eyal Booker and Zara McDermott are forming a band. We reckon they stand a good chance: Samira gave up her job on the West End to be on Love Island. And Eyal was in a pop group. (But, probably, the less we speak about that the better.)

The Influencers (Sofia, Alondra, Laura, Natalie and Wendii)13 of 15

The Influencers (Sofia, Alondra, Laura, Natalie and Wendii)

Apparently these girls have a reach of 11million followers between them. (We don't know who they are, sorry.)

Max and Harvey14 of 15

Max and Harvey

Apparently, these two were big on an app called a few years ago. They then had a CBBC show.

Brendan Cole and Jeremy Edwards15 of 15

Brendan Cole and Jeremy Edwards

Bredan, who was famously axed from Strictly Come Dancing last year, and actor Jeremy, who has appeared in Hollyoaks and Holby City are hoping for a record contract as a duo.

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