Why Doesn’t Stephen Bear Understand It’s Never Funny To Fake A Pregnancy?

Bear was arrested last month - but he still decided to make a 'joke' pretending he was going to be the father of twins on Twitter.

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You would think, having been arrested for 'harassment, exposure, voyeurism and obstructing an officer', that Stephen Bear would be keeping his head down. But that just isn't his style. Yesterday, the disgraced reality star decided to pull a prank, probably because he was bored. But it wasn't funny in the slightest. Sharing a picture of a scan he had found on Google images, Bear tried to fool his followers into thinking he was going to be the father of twins. 'Wasn’t expecting two;' he wrote, 'think it’s time I should I grow up.'

When people found out he was lying - the photo he posted was top of the Google image search for 'ultrasound twins' - they rightly called him out for making the joke and using somebody else's scan. He then took to YouTube, moaning that nobody can take a joke anymore. 'I just feel like you can't have jokes anymore in this society,' he said on his YouTube channel. 'I don't know if it's just Twitter, but on YouTube everyone seems a lot more fun. I go on Twitter and everyone's so angry, so miserable, they're so annoyed I've done a tweet pretending to have twins.'

In case Bear needs another reminder of why people are 'so angry' and 'annoyed' about it - and, by the looks of it, he does - pretending you're going to have a child when you're not, isn't funny. There are so many people who struggle with their fertility, or can't have children, or have lost children. Taking a scan off Google to create a reaction because you're bored is insensitive to those who have struggled and would like nothing more than to be able to post this sort go image. Not to mention a weird way to entertain yourself.

Tia McAllister, 18, who has been previously linked to Bear, has also spoken out about people linking her to Bear's joke. 'I don't condone what's been posted and I certainly don't have any control over what other people post that's their choice,' she wrote on Instagram. 'I don't understand why my name has once again been dragged into a situation that is out of my control... it's not fair.' And she's right, whether she's seeing him or not, it isn't fair that she's being associated with Bear's idea of a laugh.

Bear was arrested last month in Heathrow airport, following claims he posted a video of his ex-girlfriend Love Island's Georgia Harrison online - filmed without her consent. He denies this. He was also photographed repeatedly breaking the government's 10-day quarantine rules after returning from Dubai.

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