Where The Stars From Gossip Girl Are With Their Musical Careers (In Case You Were Wondering)

From pop to power metal, here's what the gang are up to now.


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What to do once you’ve starred in one of the most successful teen shows of all time? You can’t very well go off and continue on in your acting career and hope to be known by anything other than ‘that one off The OC’ now can you? Nah.

Whilst the stars of The OC all went down the acting route post the fourth season that must not be talked about, (and to be fair we're actually really excited to see how things are going to pan out for Benjamin 'Ryan off The OC' McKenzie in upcoming drama Gotham) the cast of Gossip Girl have decided to take their talents post-show into the music industry. Here's how that's going for them so far.

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Penn Badgley

Once Dan Humphrey, the kid from Brooklyn whose family were so humble and poor they could only afford like, the nicest apartment Brooklyn had to offer, Penn – who actually turned OUT to be Gossip Girl in the most implausible of plot twists ever – now fronts MOTHXR. They're an alternative electronic band whose silly name comes thanks to a quirk of the internet (‘If you try searching for Mother ‘Easy' or Mother 'Victim' on Google it comes up with some pretty strange results...’) The band just kicked off their UK tour supporting er, Har Mar Superstar. So how’s the music? We’re actually quite into them. Lying somewhere in the watered down wake of Mount Kimbie and artists like Young & Sick, MOTHXR aren't top of our starred songs on Spotify but they're pretty easy listening. You go Dan Humphrey! You show those snobby Upper East Siders how it's done. Plus, LOOK HOW FIT HE IS NOW.

Leighton Meester

Blair ‘B’ Waldorf was perhaps the worst of all the Gossip Girl crew. Self-centred, princess-like with an Alice band collection to put David Beckham and Fernando Torres to shame, it was almost a relief when she finally married her equally evil counterpart Chuck Bass – at least now the two come as a pair, and are therefore easier to avoid. IRL though, the lovely Leighton (who just seems like the nicest person ever) just married Seth Cohen in a union of Josh Schwartz creations so meta we got lost somewhere between real life and TV world. Anyways, Leighton’s just released Heartstrings, a track off her upcoming album and sadly while Leighton's got a lovely voice, we're not entirely sure Heartstrings is the song for us. It sounds a bit like if Mandy Moore was making music in 2014 instead of doing acting and being happily married to apple of our eye, man of our dreams Ryan Adams. Plus, fun fact: Leighton once did a song with Robin Thicke before Blurred Lines gate. Make of the video what you will.

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