There Is A New Spice Girls Song. No Joke.

Lets hope it's the first of many, right guys?

There Is A New Spice Girls Song. No Joke.

by Chemmie Squier |
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There’s been a lot of chat about a Spice Girls reunion. Will they? Won’t they? Have they? Did they? Why is Geri brunette now? etc etc.

We've already heard that 'GEM' (that's Geri, Emma and Mel B) are reuniting for a concert in London's Hyde Park next year in time for their 21st anniversary of Wannabe. Sure, this doesn't have quite the same impact as the 20th anniversary (last week, FYI) but we can all relate to a bit of disorganisation so we'll take what we can get.

Natch, the trio will be bringing some new material to the table and now we've got some information on one of them.

According to The Sun, their new song is called Song For Her and although they are ‘still perfecting the tune and crafting other new material, the early version already sounds incredible.’ Apparently the song is about how they feel they've lost their 'Spice' identity since becoming mothers with one of the lines, 'Wipe up your tears of doubt you have been crying, lift up your dreams feel like you’re flying, never forget the girl is the woman you are.'

According to a source close to the band, 'It will not be released under the GEM name that they gave themselves in their announcement, this is still very much the Spice Girls. It’s a Spice Girls song through and through and it’s something millions of their fans will be able to relate to having grown up with them.’

There's no released recording of it yet, but apparently it's a cross between Rita Ora’s* Poison* and Rachel Platten’s Fight Song. Both big big tunes, I’m sure you’ll agree, so we’re in for a treat.

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