South Park Does A Lorde Skit. But Who’s It Taking The P*ss Out Of?

The 17-year-old is parodied in the song, here are some people we think the South Park creators are taking a pop at


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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South Park is known for ripping celebrities to shreds – there were whole episodes in which Tom Cruise practically lived in a closet, and Kanye West was a gay fish, and they made soul singer Isaac Hayes do a song about sucking on chocolate salty balls.

Well, the dark cartoon series has to keep moving with the times and so now it has parodied Lorde. But not in the mean way you might assume.

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According to Billboard, in an episode called Gluten Free Ebola (it really is dark), the boys of South Park threw an all-u-can-eat pizza party. Entertainment was provided by Stan’s dad Randy Marsh, who said he worked with Lorde’s uncle, so he could get her to play.

It’s pretty obvious to everyone from Randy’s impression of her that he’s not Lorde. But some people are suggesting that *South Park’*s creators are suggesting that Lorde could pass for an old man.

But as it’s a South Park skit, who is it taking the piss out of? We’ve got it narrowed down to three types of people:

  1. Those who think Lorde isn’t that young looking, or doesn’t look good when they see her in concert. Who are they comparing her to? Because, compared to an old man with a gut, she is, of course, a babe. And even if she wasn’t, it shouldn’t matter.

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  1. People who claim to have some connection to a celebrity and can get something from them. Loads of people are guilty of this, even those who know that asking for favours from celebrities doesn’t often end up in the favours being done.

These people get people to feed them water through a straw, so why would they ever do anything for the likes of you?

  1. People who think they can do what Lorde does. As Randy shows, there really is only one Lorde.

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