Sophie Turner On Sansa Stark: ‘People Hate Her But I Think They Should Love Her.’

The Game Of Thrones star also admits she's not read the books – but she's Wikipediaed it


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Last night Winterfell came to London for the premiere of season 4 of Game Of Thrones. There was fire and snow, the iron throne (FYI, it’s made from plastic sad face), the real life Sansa Stark, who has the shiniest hair going – and we got to see the first episode of the new series of the much-hyped show.

We’re committed to doing no spoilers here at The Debrief – but suffice to say that it lives up to expectations. Arya Stark only appears for about five minutes but steals the show, Jaime Lannister is hot even with one hand, there’s a new Prince in King's Landing who looks like he’s going to stir things up and Joffrey’s still behaving like a spoilt brat.

OK – that’s it. But don’t despair because Sky Atlantic are doing something pretty clever and screening the first episode at exactly the same time as it airs in the US so you can watch it in real time with no spoilers should you so wish. The downside is that means you’ll want to stay up until 2am on 7 April. (Or just avoid Twitter until its second showing at 9pm).

But to keep you going until then, here’s what we learnt from Sophie Turner, the actress who plays Sansa, about the fantasy-you-never-thought-you’d-love-but-now-do:

She hasn’t read the books

‘Well, I’ve read, like, my chapters. And I Wikipediaed most of it. Come on. Everyone does it – just no one admits it.’

If she could be another character she’d want to be King Joffrey

‘I feel like with Sansa people kind of hate her but I feel like people should love her. Whereas with Joffrey it's a universally agreed thing that people should hate him. I would like to be universally hated.’

**She reckons **Margaery is the character who’s most influenced Sansa for this series

‘Sansa’s a badass in a very different way [to Arya]. She's like a sponge absorbing everything from people around her – Cersei, Margaery. She's put on a facade for the last year and she's finally going to drop that and begin to manipulate some people.’

She’s got very specific views of how she’d like Sansa to die

‘I would like to have a whole episode dedicated to my death. I’d like it to be really dragged out. Like is she? Oh no she’s not? Or is she?’

The whole cast weren’t prepared for the show’s success

‘We thought the pilot was going to be great but patently it was really bad. Because we basically had to reshoot the whole thing.’

Still, unlike others, she doesn’t get much fangirl love

‘I don't get a lot. I get a lot of: “Wow you’re so stupid.” And “I hate Sansa,” though.’

Well, Sophie – we like you rather a lot. And Game Of Thrones even more.

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