Sold-Out Moisturiser Is The Urban Legend Of Beyoncé’s New-Ish Video

Did Beyoncé really rock the sales of a simple moisturiser thanks to her video 7/11?


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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The video for Beyoncé’s new song, 7/11, is a perfectly-crafted imitation of what a great night in mucking about looks like. In the hi-energy video for the trap song, she wears a great range of leisurewear (a ‘KALE’ sweater, a Christmas jumper saying ‘All I’m Really Asking For Is You – Beyoncé’) and does a series of slickly-edited choreographed dances in the sort of hotel suite we could only dream of affording.

Well, within two days, it’s got 20 million views. And just as some people are picking up tips on fun things to do indoors when it’s cold outside and payday seems so long away, others are literally taking apart the video and manipulating screengrabs of it into memes in order to spend just a few more minutes indoors each day.

Our favourite? Well, there’s a rumour going around that the moisturiser in her bathroom – something called Lubriderm, because it lubricates your, erm, epidermis (skin) – has sold out in 15 countries. OK, we paused on the shots of her bathroom to see what it’s stocked with and were delighted to see she’s a fan of budget beauty products like Elnett hairspray, packets of balsam tissues and heavy duty moisturiser. But are people really rushing to buy it?

Maybe some mega-keen fans, yeah. But we can’t find anything saying that it’s actually sold out in 15 countries, despite hundreds of people RTing this ‘fact’ with glee. As much as subliminal marketing can work (we all remember the Sanex in Rihanna's We Found Love video, right?), we think what is possibly selling very well right now (better than Lubriderm) is the platinum deluxe edition of Beyoncé’s BEYONCÉ album, a boxset which features Kanye West and Pharrell Williams’ remixes of her songs, as well as that duet with Nicki Minaj and a new song called Ring Off.

A real fact about Lubriderm to remember, however, is in this recent piece on The Cut, where it’s mentioned, not as a legit moisturiser, but as a helping (greasy) hand for people trying to maintain their leather bags. Seriously.

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