You Need To Read Solange’s Empowering Instagram Message

Powerful words…

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by Emma Firth |

Beyonce may firmly be in the spotlight right now, after that Freedom performance - but her younger sister is having her own moment right now.

After joining Jay-Z and Bey in Mexico to celebrate her 30th birthday, Solange Knowles took to Instagram to share some pearls of wisdom on the 'big day'.

Any person who might be doubting themselves needs to read this. Or if you are scared for what the future may hold. Or even feel like they’ve made one or two ‘mistakes’ in their teens and twenties. Who hasn't?!

Solange is here to comfort us all...

Chronically her life and journey to womanhood up until now - from revealing her ‘insane panic attacks’ at aged 22 to the world calling her ‘crazy’ at 27-years-old (after that Met Gala lift incident with her brother-in-law went viral).

Her parting gift any millennials reading: ‘I say all of that to say...don't eveeer let anyone write your story for you. They can talk, they can doubt, and they can say what they wanna, but only you have the words to narrate this ting we call life.’

Before adding: ‘So much gratitude for all of your wishes. So much gratitude for love. So much gratitude for freedom. So much gratitude for life. Ps: About to take a note from Paris Hilton and have 4 parties.’

YES Solange.

Read her full birthday post below…

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