A Few Social Situations To Wear Millie Mackintosh’s New Fashion Collection In

Confused about how to wear the ex-MICer’s new collection of clothes? Here’s our handy guide


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Today the MIC-er turned fashion and beauty maven that is Millie Mackintosh released her first clothing range. Just in case you’ve got caught up in the hype and bought it all and now aren’t sure where or when to wear it, we’ve made a handy guide to tell you which situations suit which pieces. Enjoy.

The sasspants dress to save for your next themed ‘do

Mills and pals love a good themed party. Not that we don’t, it’s just that when we do a themed party, our costumes are pasted together from Primark, while theirs are hired from expensive costume shops at £500 a pop. Seeing as the ’60s is all over NYFW we can’t help thinking a Sasspant ’60s do is coming up soon on the agenda. This foxy shift dress should deffos be your starting point.


Dress, £90

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The dress to take you from ‘hunt’ to ‘pardy’ in mere moments

Gah, isn’t tweed restricting? You’d think in the past several hundred years someone would have managed to create a more flattering outfit out of it that bloody plus fours – the weight they add onto your hips is outrageous. Luckily, this tweed dress is interwoven with gold bits meaning you’ll easily be the foxiest (excuse the pun) one at hunt. Plus – you can go straight from shooting ducks to partying hard; how’s that for being an efficient 21st-century woman?


Dress, £95

The top to wear when you’re chucking drinks in peoples’ faces

Making a statement buy chucking your drink in someone’s face is perhaps the most satisfying thing you can do, especially when that someone’s turned out the be a cheating bastard and all your mates are there to watch. What’s NOT cool, though, is when the splashback from the drink gets all over your shirt, making it go see through. Luckily this shirt’s already see-through – meaning that’s one less thing to worry about. Hold your head high and walk away, sister.


Shirt, £40

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The jumpsuit to wear when you’ve had too many cocktails at DSTRKT

‘Pardying’ comes hand in hand with drinking all of the cocktails – and when we say all we mean ALL. Don’t worry about getting drunk and falling down, though: this jumpsuit comes with a handy bow at the back, which – if needed – can be employed as a tool to help you stay upright. Simply untie, fasten to the nearest pole and Bob’s your uncle. Next cocktail’s on me, guys!


Jumpsuit, £90

The bomber jacket to wear when the party planners forgot that je ne sais quois

Having lovely houses means having lots of lovely parties, but sometimes the pressures of entertaining are far beyond even the most accomplished of party planners. Between booking caterers, bartenders and DJs – it’s not like you can just hire Caggie to sing at any old thing – you’d be forgiven for completely blanking on the disco ball. Luckily, as long as you’re wearing this coat, twirling yourself around the dance floor will probably have the desired effect.


Bomber, £250

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