Who Is Sienna’s Wimbledon Companion, Bennett Miller?

We’re the Millers?

sienna miller wimbledon

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Forget Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk, we only had eyes for one match of the day at Wimbledon: Sienna Miller and 49-year old film director Bennett Miller, who looked very comfortable in each other’s company on two separate occasions.

The pair, who first met in 2014 after he directed her in critically-acclaimed drama Foxcatcher, sparked rumours of a relationship after Sienna, 34, was spotted cuddling up to the good-looking gent at the tennis sporting event of the year.

sienna miller wimbledon

Well, at least if they get hitched there’s none of that awks ‘should I drop my last name?’ chat. Okay, okay we may getting a bit ahead of ourselves now.

But the American Sniper actress, who split from fiancé and father to her 4-year-old daughter [Marlowe], Tom Sturridge last year, did admit recently that she is eager to have more children. 'I would love more, I'm suddenly feeling very broody for more babies, and my daughter's desperate to have a sibling.'

And in terms of the type of guy single Sienna is looking for these days, it appears the filmmaker ticks her main criteria.

‘Someone staggeringly beautiful and thick is totally ugly to me,' she revealed in an interview with Porter magazine. 'I like intelligence – it's the only thing I've ever been attracted to.'

sienna miller wimbledon

'People who aren't clever enough fall by the wayside. They're a motley crew, my ex-boyfriends, if you lined them up, it would be strange. I don't care about that [looks], but you know, within limits…

'It sounds silly but I like bookish academics who are slightly odd, and borderline, you know, on the spectrum.'

Here’s everything you need to know about Sienna’s rumoured new squeeze…

He was born in New York City

Same as Sienna Miller (who moved from NYC to Britain with her family when she was 18-months-old). Bennett attended New York University’s prestigious Tisch School of the Arts (with late actor and long-time friend, Philip Seymour Hoffman), but dropped out before graduating. According to US reports, he spent more time playing chess with homeless people in the park rather than studying, until he saved up enough money to fund his first film (’98 documentary The Cruise).

He’s been nominated for two Oscars

He’s famous in his own right. Yes, while he’s only made four films – two of them have scored Oscar nominations for Best Director – Moneyball in 2014 (starring Jonah Hill, Brad Pitt and Philip Seymour Hoffman) and biographical drama Foxcatcher, with Sienna Miller and Channing Tatum. A 50% Oscar nom success rate? Not bad at all.

sienna miller wimbledon

Bennett has a thing for fashionista’s

He used to date actress-turned-designer Ashley Olsen for 8-months in 2014 (around the time he was filming and editing Foxcatcher).

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