Shia LaBeouf’s Got A New Haircut. Or Is It A Pet?

Everyone's favourite celebrity crusty's gone and got himself exactly the sort of haircut Hollywood doesn't want him to...

Shia LaBeouf's Got A New Haircut. Or Is It A Pet?

by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Have you ever heard of an ‘oogle’? They’re a subculture of young American people who spend their time catching freight trains across the States, living hand-to-mouth and wearing cargo trousers and dip-dyed mullets. They have missing teeth and tattoos and if they were British they’d be a cross between punks and crusties. We don’t know if Shia LaBeouf has spent a lot of time with them but, well, it sure looks like it.

The man, actor and legend in his own bizarre right has grown his hair all long and shaggy, but shaved off some undercut bits at the side then grown himself (or clipped on himself) a charming, well-plaited rat’s-tail.

We’re not sure it’s for a role but what we do know is that it fits in pretty well to his whole boots with tucked in trousers and T-shirts that look like they’ve been caught in a rusty thresher during a dust storm sort of vibe. And if any respect is due this hairdo, it’s that he’s daring to be a little bit different, isn’t he?

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