Shakira Teams Up With Yoghurt To Bring Us Catchy World Cup Song

La La La (Brazil 2014) isn't the most creative name, but it is for charity...


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Shakira, she of the Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) fame, has done it again and released a song and video for the World Cup. This time it's different, though, as it's not quite the official one - that accolade goes to Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez - and obviously this time it's for the Brazilian World Cup 2014, duh.

The video, which is made by Shakira and Activia - you know, the special bacteria-adjusting yoghurt which used to feature Martine McCutcheon in its adverts, contains some nice recurring themes. Firstly, there are drums the size of hay bales, lots of people with flags on their drawing smiley faces on their tummies (that'll be a reference the yoghurt making your tummy happy) and lots of different footballers smiling and lip-syncing.

The song is mainly based around sorts of synths that go down well in glossy clubs which look like international departure lounges of airports and brim with very rich men in suits spraying champagne on girls half their age. There are also loads of La's which makes the song really easy to sing along to, especially if you don't speak English.

In its defence, it's very catchy and as the video explains in a series of neat intertitles, it's supporting the World Food Programme with proceeds seemingly 'providing school meals for children in need'. Plus, Shakira does some dancing with a football and there's a bit where her 16-month-old son kicks a ball up to an elephant, and you'd never get that in a normal yoghurt advert.

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