Shailene Woodley Wants To Star In A Musical And Play Stevie Nicks

But fear not, she won’t be starring in a live-action version of Frozen


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She’s mentioned she has a love of karaoke (Jolene is her go-to), but we had no idea Shailene Woodley actually wants to star in a musical. Or that her dream role is Stevie Nicks.

The actress has revealed her yearning to play the Fleetwood Mac icon, saying she admires her because she is ‘fully herself’.

'She’s just such a fascinating woman who’s lived such a life and is still living such a life,' Shailene told Women’s Health magazine. 'Her music was really profound for me in my life. Yeah,I think it’d be an adventure to play Stevie Nicks.'

'I love that there is no other Stevie Nicks in this world,' she added. 'She is so fully herself, and undividedly herself. That in itself is such a powerful lesson to take in and be like, wow. No one is going to be the next Stevie Nicks, and Stevie Nicks was not the next anyone. And I think that’s such beautiful advice for all of us. You do you, we do we. She does she in such a beautiful way.' Well, yeah, all that, and Stevie is cool as fuck.

Shai also revealed she’d like to do a musical. But, fear not, she won’t be starring in a live-action version of Frozen or anything. She’s more into a low-key, indie non-musical musical, like Once.

‘I think it’d be great to sing in a film,' she gushed. 'I love to sing. I guess another dream movie would be a movie, like Once. It’s so romantic and sensual and musical, but doesn’t feel like a musical necessarily.'

Here’s a thought: Why doesn’t someone write a Stevie Nicks biopic, with a strong musical element? Looks like you’d get Shailene on board to play Stevie and sing her songs in a heartbeat.

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