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Serena Williams Sparks Debate About Whether 'Push Presents Are A Thing'

From asking Reddit users what she should pack in her hospital bag to sharing snaps of her growing bump via Instagram, Serena Williams has been documenting every step of her journey to motherhood via social media.

It was therefore only natural when it came to the controversial topic of ‘push presents’ that Williams asked her fans to share their views. On Instagram this weekend Williams shared a snap of her and her newborn with the caption: ‘Ladies is a "push present" a thing? If so what did you get if anything? #conversationstarter’

ICYMI, push presents are the gifts, often jewellery, given to women after labour. While Williams did not reveal whether she had received a present form fiance Alexis Ohanian, it seems just the topic itself divides opinion.

Some users shared the extravagant presents they had been given (including a car, an engraved necklace, spa days and a designer diaper bag), while others highlighted the ridiculous nature of the concept.

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Many emphasised that such gifts are only reserved for the wealthy with one commenting that it is ‘a ridiculous made up thing for rich people.’

Others made the valid point that surely motherhood was a big enough gift. ‘The baby is the present. A partner who helps 100% of the time is the best gift,’ one wrote.

‘Healthy baby, good parents, that's all that matters,’ another added.

What do you think? Are push presents mandatory or totally absurd?

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