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Serena Williams Admits That Returning To Work After Maternity Leave Has Been Tough

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Now and again celebrities come down from their ivory towers to reveal that they are in fact just like us, with actual real life struggles. And it is incredibly refreshing.

Usually the birth of a celeb baby is followed by a series of glossy images showing just how quickly the mother snapped back into shape, with washboard stomach, impossibly glossy hair, and a face full of makeup – which, when you don’t have an army of dieticians, personal trainers, stylists, and hairdressers at your beck and call, can be more than a tad intimidating.

So, when sporting goddess Serena Williams took to Instagram – following her surprise defeat to Naomi Osaka in the first round of the Miami Open – with the following post, well, it just made us love her that little bit more.

Eschewing the usual post-match press questions, the tennis superstar instead released a statement: 'Every tournament is an opportunity for me to better understand the areas I need to improve to be my best. Naomi played a great match and I learn something each time I play. I look forward to continuing my return by progressing every day. I'm so grateful for my fans who continue to support me every step of this incredible journey.''

When Williams started her maternity leave in January of 2017, she was ranked number one in the world, but because of Women’s Tennis Association rules, she lost her ranking during her 13 months off, meaning that she entered the Miami Open unseeded. Sparking a debate within the sport, CNN reported that James Blake, the Miami Open tournament director, argued that Williams had effectively been 'punished' for wanting to start a family. The feeling of returning to a changed workplace with an uncertain position is something that a lot of new mothers will unfortunately be able to relate to.