Forget Duck Face, T-Rex Hands Are The New Celebrity Selfie Trend

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by Katie Rosseinsky |
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You've experimented with duck face (ironically, of course), tried smizing on Tyra Banks' recommendation and maybe even attempted fish gape (the slightly open-mouthed pose favoured by every A-lister with a good selfie game).

Now, it seems that there's an unlikely new pose on the rise, and it's popular with some of Instagram's biggest stars. Huda Kattan, a beauty super-blogger with over 12 million followers on the social networking platform, has decreed that posing with so-called 'T-Rex hands' is a fast route to a flattering selfie.

While a pose named after a terrifying prehistoric predator might not initially sound like something that will rake in the likes (better for Snapchat, right?!), Huda explains that it's simply a matter of bending your fingers into a softened claw shape, then placing them near your jawline or in your hair.

As for the name, in her video 'How To Pose In A Selfie' Huda explains that 'if you zoom out and you do it with both hands, you like kind of like a T-Rex.' Because as all good Jurassic Park fans know, a T-Rex's claws were comically out of proportion.

Not convinced that you should be striking your very best dinosaur pose? It seems that the likes of Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Jourdan Dunn and Zendaya have already jumped on the prehistoric bandwagon: they've all been snapped with the T-Rex claw, be it in selfies, in editorial shoots or on the red carpet.

Catwalking With Dinosaurs, anyone?

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