Selena Gomez Selling House After Numerous 911 Calls

She's selling the home that her stalker tried to get into. Twice.

Selena Gomez Selling House After Numerous 911 Calls

by Stevie Martin |
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While some of us are wondering whether we can afford the deposit to move into yet another rented property, Selena Gomez is selling up her Calabasas estate for $4.5 million (just under £3 million). But it's a home that has had its fair share of stalkery problems.

Having only lived there for a year and a half, Selena's been plagued with stalkers and intruders ever since setting foot in the house – just days after moving in, a stalker showed up while she was at home, rang the doorbell asking for her (a friend answered) after the singer had heard a strange noise outside. He then attempted to get into the house a second time, when Selena was home, and got arrested.

Since then, and in the space of just over a year, Selena has called 911 three times fearing an intruder. It's not surprising that, during the advent of her new tour kicking off, she decided to move out of the, frankly quite terrifying-sounding, home. No matter how lush it looks – what with six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a pool and spa, a courtyard, a gym and a guesthouse. It's fair to say she can buy another one, which is probably even nicer, and doesn't have weird stalker guys turning up on the doorstep.

We hope the next place she buys is a little more safe, and the location a little more secure.

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