Scarlett Moffatt Says People ‘Assume She Is Thick’ Because Of Her Northern Accent

Why are women in the public eye still judged on their accent?

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by Bonnie McLaren |
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Gogglebox favourite Scarlett Moffatt has said she thinks people believe she is thick because of her Northern accent. Scarlett - who is from County Durham and shot to fame on Gogglebox in 2014 - has said sometimes even producers repeat what they are asking her to do multiple times, as if she won't understand.

'I just can’t win,' she toldThe Mirror. 'Maybe it’s the way I’ve portrayed myself, but people always assume I’m thick. I don’t know if it’s my accent or whatever.’ Explaining how one producer explained something to her three times, she added: 'And [I go], “OK, that’s fine, I understand”. And then explaining it again and then me going, “No, really, I understand!”'

Scarlett added: 'You can’t win, so you’ve just got to be yourself and not take anything personally. It’s other people’s ­ignorance and them being ­uneducated, not you.'

It seems ridiculous that anybody would judge anyone's IQ based on their accent - but unfortunately it does still happen. We're probably all a bit guilty of trying to sound 'posher' when we're trying to impress. And this is even though we know a regional accent doesn't equal 'thick', just like the Queen's English (or Received Pronunciation) doesn't equal intelligence.

Unfortunately, it's not just an issue that Scarlett has faced. Previously, fellow TV favourite Stacey Solomon has spoken to Grazia about people judging her based on her estuary accent. She said: ‘I think my accent gives people preconceived ideas of who I am and my intelligence level... even just being happy! Some people think because you’re happy, you’re not all there.'

We're just glad that neither of them have changed their trademark accents on account of what other people think.

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