Sarah Silverman Wants Women To Stop Paying Vagina Tax

She’s crowdfunding trillions of dollars owed to women


by Fiona Byrne |
Published on

Writer, comedian and vagina-owner Sarah Silverman has made an awesomely funny/serious video about the gender pay gap, highlighting the fact that every woman in the US is being taxed half a million dollars in ‘vagina tax’ over the course of her lifetime.

The gender pay gap in the UK currently stands at just under 20%, and in the US women actually make 22% less than their male counterparts in basically every profession. The video, created by the Equal Payback Project, is doubling as a ‘crowdfunder’ to give women back all the money they’re owed, amounting to over 29 trillion dollars.

If the goal is met, every woman will get a check for $500,000. If it isn’t (er, it won’t be), the funds will be donated to National Women’s Law Center, an organisation that campaigns to close the gender pay gap.

‘They fight to get women the money they deserve, from pushing legislation like the paycheck fairness act, to promoting flexible work hours, to keeping employers accountable for legislation that is already in place. They’re very good at what they do, you know, for a bunch of girls,’ says Sarah.

In the video, Sarah decides to have gender reassignment surgery because having a penis ‘in the grand scheme of things, it’s way less expensive than the money I’ll lose having a p***y.’ Watch the whole thing below.

This article originally appeared on The Debrief.

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