Sam Smith Says ‘Some Of These Pop Stars Are Just Awful’, And We Think He Has A Point

But who is he talking about?


by Stevie Martin |
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Sam Smith has said that some modern day pop stars are ‘just awful’ in an interview with Chaka Khan (yes, Chaka Khan) for V Magazine – putting the reason down to autotune and a lack of creativity/individuality. Tell it like it is, love, and don’t hold back or anything.


‘I won’t name names, but some of these pop stars are just awful,’ he said. ‘Especially in this age, everything is a machine. You can tune a person.’ We have to admit that he’s got a point, mainly considering there have been a few times we’ve been heavily disappointed by a live performance – or seen one of those pre-autotune YouTube vids and felt our collective stomachs drop.

Worst of all, he went onto talk about how ‘even when you meet them’, these machine-like pop stars aren’t even that nice to be around. And no, he didn’t name names, which is both understandable and frustrating – one day, we want a pop star to write a long, detailed account of what all the other pop stars are really like. Just so we can satisfy our urge for gossip. But, then again, maybe that’d be mean sigh.

One legend who is definitely pretty cool, however, is Chaka Khan – Sam added, ‘They have not even had half the success that you’ve had and yet you’re so humble and kind.’ Awwww.

For anyone who doesn’t know who Chaka Khan is then, ‘I’M EVERY WOMAN.’ My god, educate yerself.

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