Sam Smith In Epic Social Media Mistake You’ve Definitely Also Made

C’mon, you’ve 100% either done this or got way too close to doing this. Still funny, though.


by Stevie Martin |
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Oh, Sam Smith, we’re so with you on this. Last night he tweeted the good people of Nashville, apologising for not being able to meet fans due to feeling a bit under the weather. A mere three hours later, he’d instagrammed himself in, of all places, a karaoke bar. Classic, vintage, textbook social media error there, Sam – especially considering his instagrams appear on his Twitter timeline, making the whole thing way more hilarious:

And then three hours later...

It may have been a case of mis-posting, and he might have been regramming the karaoke night, but it doesn’t look that way. So we’re opting to believe that he pulled a sickie then got caught out, because it’s way funnier. He hasn’t deleted the tweet, so either he hasn’t noticed the gaff, or he’s refusing to acknowledge it in the hope that nobody pulls him up on it, but Sam’s been tweeting since the ‘incident’ and hasn’t referenced it so far.

Rule number one: if you’re pulling a sickie and plan to go out and get smashed (not that we’re saying he was smashed or anything, of course), don’t go anywhere near social media. Because you will embarrass yourself, and you will get caught out. Even (especially?) if you’re mega famous.

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